Costs to place the order to the store(s)

Local shipping cost

Each store has different shipping cost and charging rules.

Handling fee

10% of the commission to handle the order.
Minimum fee starts at $5

International shipping cost

It will be charged once your order is ready.

Product cost, local shipping fee, and the handling fee

The first billing

The first payment1 - Product Price

You will be given the quotation and the payment link.
The exchange rate we use is Paypal rate and the Paypal fee 4.9% will be deducted from the exchange rate.

The first payment2 - Local shipping cost

The local shipping cost will be charged with the product price.

The first payment3 - Handling Fee

A handling fee (10%, minimum $5).

International shipping cost

The second billing

International Shipping Cost to destination

The international shipping cost to your country will be charged at the second payment.