1. Create a new account to manage your orders at AVECKO.

2. Place Your request: you can choose up to 15 items to fill the form or upload file format as CSV or XLSX.

3. Please double check the email address so that we can contact you.

We will answer your request

You can check the quotation and place the order through the payment link we provide.

You pay for the first billing (product price including local shipping fee and the handling fee).

We proceed with your order locally

We purchase the product follow on your request.

When your products arrive, we complete packing all your items in a single package and email you the second bill (payment link).
You may check the products, the package weight and shipping costs as well.

We are ready to ship your order.

You pay for the second billing (the international shipping cost).

We will ship your order out and update tracking number.

If you wish to add something to an existing request, please submit a new request form for all products. We hope you kindly understand that it is to avoid any problems. And we can proceed with your request according to the form submitted.

You can check the stock status while searching for the product.

품절 means OUT OF STOCK, and 재입고 means RESTOCK.
And 예약, 선주문, 사전제작 means made to order or preorder, so we need to check the schedule.

If unexpectedly, the products which we place order run out of stock, we will inform you of the status and you can cancel or replace to another one.

You have paypal account?
you can pay via paypal

You don’t have paypal account?
you can pay with your credit card(visa, master) if you don’t have a PayPal account


Basically, we proceed with the shipment as per single request and payment.
If you want to combine your orders, please leave an order note on the latest order sheet.

Unfortuately, cancellation is not allowed because we are just doing buying proxy service.

We basically charge you 2 times,
The first for the product, local shipping fee and handling fee.
The second for the international shipping cost.
We will email you the shipping cost after we pack and weigh your order.
Your order will be shipped out on the next business day after you pay for the second bill.

You will be receiving tracing number when we ship your order out.

You can choose an shipping between economy (K-packet) and Expedited (EMS).