Updated: August. 26. 2021

1. International shipping is being delayed due to a decrease in flights to almost all countries.

2. Many countries are in a situation that international shipping is suspended, you can see the countries we can ship to below.

3. If not listed below, we can use anoter option EMS PREMIUM.

4. SHIPPING COST based on the volumetric weight

  • The expected price is based on the larger figure between the volumetric weight and net weight.
  • Volumetric weight calculation method

Weight(Kg) = Width(cm) X Length(cm) X Height(cm) / 6000

5. Customs clearance fees (tariffs and surtaxes) will be charged to the customer at the destination.

6. According to the carrier's policy, extra cost per 100g will be charged in addition to the default shipping charge.

Countries Code ZONE EMS Kpacket EXTRA COST
(USD/PER 100g)
Bhutan BT BT O X 0.10
Brazil BR BR O X 0.54
Canada CA CA O O 0.42
Chile CL Zone 4 O X 0.68
China CN CN O O 0.10
France FR FR O X 0.28
Germany DE DE O O 0.35
Greece GR Zone 3 O X 0.57
Hong Kong HK HK O O 0.10
India IN Zone 2 O X 0.44
Indonesia ID ID O X 0.20
Japan JP JP O O 0.10
Kazakhstan KZ Zone 3 O X 0.62
Luxembourg LU Zone 3 O X 0.50
Malaysia MY MY O O 0.14
Mexico MX Zone 4 O X 0.80
Netherlands NL Zone 3 O X 0.42
Philippines PH PH O O 0.17
Poland PL Zone 3 O X 0.55
Qatar QA Zone 3 O X 0.66
Russian Federation RU RU O O 0.32
Saudi Arabia SA Zone 3 O X 0.38
Singapore SG SG O X 0.21
Slovenia SI Zone 3 O X 0.54
Spain ES ES O X 0.39
Switzerland CH Zone 3 O X 0.55
Taiwan TW TW O X 0.22
Thailand TH TH O O 0.14
U.S.A US US O O 0.38
United Arab Emirates AE Zone 3 O X 0.45
Vietnam VN VN O O 0.12