AVECKO Buying service

So easy way to get products from Korea stores

From Korea to your door

Buying From Korea

Have any item want to get from Korea?

Feel free to use Avecko service!




You want to shop from Korea, but feel difficult in purchase item?

When online store does not accept foreign credit card.

When find some items in online store, but they do not have international shipping system.

When you want on sale product, but just able to membership.

When you want some particular product, but can’t find it.


Now you can be with avecko.com

You request buying service for Korean Goods with some product information, we get it from store in Korea and ship it to you.


How to request



How much may I pay for?

You pay product value, domestic shipping charge, handling fee, and int’l shipping charge.

1. Total value Over $50 :  Handling Fee 10%

2. Total value Under $50 : Minimum Handling Fee $5.

eg. product price is $70

you may pay $70 + $7 (handling fee) + int’l shipping charge based on weight.

eg. product price is $30

you may pay $30 + $5 (handling fee) + int’l shipping charge based on weight.



About Shipping?

2 ways in Shipping method.

Standard shipping (Registered airmail / ePOSTg)
Expedited shipping (EMS)

Registered airmail is good for small package under weight 2 kg and cheaper than EMS, but take longer.
It will take 2~4 weeks most of countries.
Check up the Shipping charge

ePOSTg is for USA and Australia only, it’s faster than airmail and cheaper than EMS.
Check up to USA  / Check up to AU

EMS is expedited shipping metod, it will take 3~7 days most of the countries.
Check up the Shipping charge



About Payment?

You have paypal account? you can pay via paypal

You don’t have paypal account? you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account


Buying service process

  1. Apply for buying service for Korean Products
  2. We list product page in avecko.com and notice it to you.
  3. You go to your product page and order it.
  4. We buy from the online store on your behalf
  5. Domestic Delivery to avecko warehouse
  6. We add actual shipping charge in your product page. (Ask shipping charge)
  7. You pay shipping Charge
  8. International Delivery set