Hera Cell Bio Cream





Hera Cell Bio Cream released last year on the same range as the Hera cell essence.
Hera Cell Bio Cream belong to for cell recovery and anti-aging line.


In the first step of skin care, I use cell essence before toner.

Using Hera cell essence before toner skin texture to fix and clear up.

It is easy to being felled, but hard to being good, recovery.
Hera cell essence and Hera Cell Bio Cream change the skin rules!
When the late 20s, while slow to getting skin repair, after 30s need to check skin condition from time to time.


Hera Cell Bio Cream has been patented in Korea, USA, France, Japan and China with special Omnifoucs.

Cell-Bio Omnifocus is a HERA’s next generation anti-aging ingredient, and has been developed to reslove various problems at once.

Improve skin elasticity, density, luster, texture, moisture, tone, and improve transparency by giving four weeks to continue with the effect
that you can feel the skin while transparent.

Try it waiting for 4 weeks after.